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2020’s Top Tech That Will Keep You Fighting Fit

2020’s Top Tech That Will Keep You Fighting Fit

Fitness Gadgets

Whether you’re trying to keep a resolution or reach a fitness goal, this collection of gadgets will give you a hand.

Developments in technology of late have reaping great results on the health front, and the latest batch of fitness gadgets are the best yet. These four accessories will make it easier to keep track of your fitness goals and workout, and you’re sure to find them worth every penny of their price.

HyperIce Vyper 2 Foam Roller

If you’ve spent too many days aching after a workout, this state-of-the-art foam roller will make sure you can move day-to-day without your past exercise escapades affecting your performance. A myofascial release tool featuring three modes of vibration that target sore muscles to bring a new level of precision to your recovery session, and has a two-hour battery life.

Tangram Smart Rope

Skipping will give you one of the best cardio workouts you can get, and all you need is a couple square metres of space to do it. Step up your cardio game with this futuristic skipping rope from Tangram, which, using LED lights, displays in real time your skipping session stats as you move the rope. It also connects to the Smart Gym app via Bluetooth to store up to 100 sessions’ worth of jump counts and burned calories so you can track your progress.

Upright GO Posture Trainer

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Find yourself with a sore back after long days slouching in your office chair? Save yourself from weekly trips to the physio with this trainer, which discreetly straps to your upper back and sends data to an app to tell you via vibrations when you need to correct your posture. You can also set daily goals that will help you form a straight-backed habit that will put an end to your slouching.

Mateo Shower Mat

Weighing yourself can be a little daunting. Mateo, an innovative set of scales that doubles as a shower mat, makes this task a whole lot easier. Not only does this gadget allow you to make it an almost unconscious, simple post-shower habit each day, it doesn’t tell you your weight if you don’t want it to. It will track your progress in the app it links to, which you can view if you wish, and if you’re moving a little off course, it’ll send you a weight-less warning to tell you to keep on track.

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