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clone 5 of Australia’s Most Uniquely Stylish Yoga Studios

clone 5 of Australia’s Most Uniquely Stylish Yoga Studios

One Hot Yoga Studio

These studios boast the prettiest surrounds and most unique styles you’ll find. 

Yoga isn’t just for hipsters anymore – chances are at least someone you know takes part in practicing it. A discipline that will stretch your body out while you build up your strength, anyone at any level or at any age can take part. If you’re looking to join up to a studio or to make a change from your usual haunt, these five studios are unlike any other you’ll find, and will inject a level of extravagance into your daily flow.

  1. Humming Puppy I doubt you’ll ever come across a sleeker studio. The monochrome wood and grey space’s signature touch is the state-of-the-art sound system that makes it literally hum; a physical sensation that travels through the floor and walls. Aiming to immerse you in the practice of yoga, their Melbourne, Sydney or New York studios are a great place to venture if you’re looking to level up in your next yoga class.
  2. Zen Sessions Looking to hone your crane pose alongside a magnificent view? The Pullman Hotel serves as a makeshift studio where you can enjoy the grand view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while you enjoy a yoga class.
  3. Sky-Lab Take your yoga skills above ground in this aerial studio. Allowing your body to float mid-air, expanding your range of movement, you’ll get a good stretch while going through a full-body conditioning session all at once. 
  4. One Hot Yoga Situated in the heart of a 1930’s building in Potts Point, Sydney,the studio feels more like a home than a gym.The calming white aesthetics dotted with unique décor give the studio a modern feel, and the warm timber and brass furnishings match the warmth that you’ll experience in one of the hot yoga sessions inside the stunning building. 
  5. WILL. A modern, industrial studio combining yoga and mindfulness, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after a class at WILL. It gets better too – every membership supports a person in need via the Human Kind Foundation, which is all the more reason to give this studio a try.
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