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A 45-Day Transformation

A 45-Day Transformation

The 45-day challenge that is changing lives. 

Chances are you have driven past one of the hundreds of F45 studios around Melbourne, or even the world for that matter. The group HIIT class is a popular workout choice for all bodies at any fitness level and is a community like no other. 

The franchise hosts four 45-Day Challenges a year that incorporate nutrition plans, functional training and other resources that support healthy lifestyle habits and holistic wellbeing. 

Whether you’re trying to get back into shape after lockdown, or are simply looking for a new gym routine to incorporate healthy habits back into your life, the F45 Challenge is a great place to start. 


When you sign up for a membership at F45, you gain access to a free app that has thousands of healthy recipes. The Challenge offers a 45-day meal plan, suited to your specific nutrition goals. They are simple to meal prep in advanced and are also delicious!


Every studio around the world does the same 45-minute daily workout. It changes every single day, so you never do the same workout twice! Monday, Wednesday and Friday are cardio days. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are weights days and Saturday is the ultimate HIIT workout ‘Hollywood’ with each studio having a live DJ to get you motivated. 

Team Training 

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The community aspect is the best part of F45. The coaches and team truly exhibit a strong and energetic culture of support that will help get you through those 45 days. Their slogan ‘team training, life changing’ could not be truer.

You will complete a before and after body scan which outlines your body composition in great detail. Once the coaches have talked you through your results, you can set yourself appropriate goals. Whether it be muscle gain or weight loss, the Challenge is the perfect way to finally achieve the body and mind set you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Most studios offer a two-week trial period, so find your closest studio and get started. 

By Annabel Thomas

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