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A Matter Of Time: What Every Luxury Watch Owner Needs To Know

A Matter Of Time: What Every Luxury Watch Owner Needs To Know

What Every Luxury Watch Owner Needs To Know

Read on for the 4-1-1 on maintaining and caring for your statement timepiece

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Whether you’re looking at buying a watch or you’re already the proud owner of multiple, you’re probably planning on keeping them for a long while. If you want to preserve your timepiece in pristine condition, it’s not as simple as getting them serviced. From Zeniths to Rolexes, Swatches to Omegas – here are the things every watch owner needs to know.

  1. Wear it more rather than less
    Chances are, if you’ve invested in a high-end watch, you’ll plan onputting it on display most days, but if you do sit it aside or store it, make sure you get it moving every once in a while. Otherwise, you’re at risk of the calibers stiffening. Invest in an automatic watch winder if you don’t plan on wearing your watch all that often – but make sure it’s kept out of the sun and in a cool place.
  2. It’s the simple things that will keep your watch pristine
    Did you know that keeping your watch exposed to direct sunlight can fade the colours? Not only that, but the heat can also cause damage to the calibers, so make sure you keep track of how long you’re exposing your wrist to the sun.
  3. Know your calibers
    There’s more than one type of watch movement (caliber), and if you own one, you’ll want to be sure you know the difference. Mechanical calibers involve hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny pieces working in unison to ensure they work. Quartz calibers are powered by battery, and although mechanical parts are still involved, they’re not nearly as intricate.
  4. Does it have a Seal of Geneva?
    The Seal of Geneva is a certification that labels a watch as one of the best, in accordance with original Genevan watchmaking practices. Timelab, the organisation who issue it, require that the watch be assembled, cased and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva to ensure it meets the extensive requirements to receive the certification. 
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