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A Once in a Lifetime Disney-Like Experience for Those Young At Heart

A Once in a Lifetime Disney-Like Experience for Those Young At Heart

Travelling across the country seems to be a lifelong nostalgia that you never knew you could experience again. Although Australia offers luxurious retreats in the country sides or fancy staycation at their international-level hotels, sometimes, a child-like activity is something that we crave. 

Wonderland Bar offers this experience through mini drinking courses that use different fantasy themes that we all familiar with growing up. It might not be your typical high-end bar, but it is something that helps you bond with your coworkers or loved ones. 

Located in Potts Point, the magical bar is somehow hidden somewhere in the heart of Sydney, offering an exclusive experience only for those who look. And to enjoy the immersive experience, the customer has to order the tickets in advance, which could be booked from their sites. 

One of the most prominent themes that they have is the Wizard’s Den, a Harry Potter-inspired course that gives the visitors a Hogwarts-like experience. Like the other themes, customers have to arrive on an allocated time as mini-shows to make the experience more real. 

Right after arriving, you’ll be served a cup of sweet wine as an opening drink. Later on, three of the performers will lead the show, playing students of the magical school who teaches the customer how to make a poison. 

These poisons are sweet and unique cocktails that will be served using beautiful plating. 

There are two poisons that you have to make: truth and deadly poison. To create both poisons, you’ll be asked to solve riddles, explore the bar, and mix the drink yourself. All of this to give you the adventurous experience that Harry and his friends are having. 

After having three drinks, the bar also gives you the opportunity to take pictures along the heavily-themed decorations, almost equal to those you see at Disneyland and Universal Studios. You could also buy other drinks from the counter. And yes, it will be wizardly as well. 

Aside from Wizard’s Den, the Wonderland Bar also offers Mad Hatter’s Boozy Tea Party, an Alice in Wonderland theme, and Tinseltown, a Christmas in July course. 

By Verina Gading

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