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A Royal Pint— The Noble New Take On Beer

A Royal Pint— The Noble New Take On Beer

Beer is not a word most commonly associated with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but this is about to change.

It is common knowledge that The Queen enjoys her sporadic drink of gin and Dubonnet- as claimed by a former chef, but it seems Her Royal Highness has a palate for something a little more bitter.

As announced on Twitter, The Queen released a new range of pale ales and bitters made from organic barley grown on the monarch’s Sandringham Estate, now exclusively available on the shelves of the Sandringham Gift Shop.

Being the centre of the 20,000-acre countryside estate, Sandringham House is where the royal family typically gather to celebrate Christmas, however this year may include a new beverage addition with everyone’s meal.

This isn’t the first time that Queen Elizabeth II has dabbled in the alcohol industry, with Buckingham Palace already merchandising its own champagnes, wines, gins and even whiskeys, so it comes as a shock that beer wasn’t already part of this lineup. 

With the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, there is much anticipation within beer lovers who are keen to try Sandringham Estate’s two new beers.

It is unsure when the rest of the world will be able to take a sip of the royal pint, but this exciting new extension of the royal alcohol business has us wondering, what could be next? 

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