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Cruise Through the Tasmanian Wilderness

Cruise Through the Tasmanian Wilderness

Have you ever thought about exploring the Tasmanian wilderness? Here’s the perfect reason to go…

A new sustainable-designed luxury vessel from Tasmanian Expedition Cruises is set to take off in January 2023. The Odalisque III will take you through some of the most remote waters and wilderness areas Tasmania has to offer, with only a maximum of 12 guests at a time.

Chefs from Hobart’s top restaurants will serve dishes which showcase fresh and local Tasmanian produce, which are enjoyed alongside locally-produced cool climate Tasmanian wines.

The Odalisque III will offer breath-taking experiences to guests and it cruises down the east or southwest coast of Tasmania, including hikes through wilderness, spotting endangered animals, and strolling the unspoiled landscape of a Southern Ocean beach.

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The ship has been specifically designed to have a low impact on the local environment. This allows guests to experience and appreciate the rare environment, without harming the fragile ecosystems of local flora and fauna. Odalisque III was also built in Hobart, and has focused on using local material and suppliers to support sustainability, which includes their tinted glass which maintains a stable cabin temperature, and a small group of guests which ensures a smaller footprint on sensitive wilderness areas.

Why not experience the Tasmanian wilderness in luxury?

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