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Discover Your New Favourite Red with Tynan’s View Wines

Discover Your New Favourite Red with Tynan’s View Wines

Tynan’s View 2013

They say good things come in small packages and with Tynan’s View, this is certainly the case. 

Originating as a small vineyard nestled in Padthaway GIS on South Australia’s idyllic Limestone Coast; Tynan’s View has evolved from a grazing property into a quality winery and now an online destination for some of South Australia’s most stunning red wines. 

Utilising the famed terra rossa soil found on the Limestone Coast, Tynan’s View offers quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz that is distinguished by difference, personality, and craftsman competency from other varietals on the commercial market. 

Lux Wine Life had the pleasure of chatting to the Tynan’s View team about their brand, surviving COVID-19 and their advice for other businesses. 

Tynan’s View
Tynan’s View

1. What was the inspiration behind the brand? How did you get started?

Tynan’s View is the name of the original grazing property located at the southernmost tip of the Padthaway GIS in Limestone Coast of South Australia. Before being established as a winery, the Tynan’s family lived on the land for more than 100 years farming sheep. The vineyard to this day still retains the original settlers’ cottage. 

In 1995, Vigneron, Ken Waldron, recognised the viticultural potential of the site, purchased the block and set about the journey of developing the Tynan’s View Premium Wines brand. 

2. What makes the brand unique? 

The Padthaway wine region is dominated by large corporate producers and recognising this, the Tynan’s View brand philosophy was to distinguish its wine from the crowd of commercial producers. 

As the smallest of the local vineyards, Tynan’s View focussed from the outset on creating boutique wine styles built upon disciplines of low grape yields, careful attention to harvest practice and craftmanship in the winery.

Tynan’s View distinguishes itself through difference, personality, and quiet craftsman competency.

3. Tell us a little bit about the wines, what are the best sellers?

Increasing awareness of the Tynan’s View brand encouraged us to grow the portfolio and so we diversified our growing regions to include Barossa, Coonawarra, and other South Australian districts. 

All new wines follow the simple guidelines; low grape yields, careful attention to harvest practice and craftmanship in the winery. 

Occasionally we will explore white wines, but we are mostly committed and passionate about exploring the uniqueness of South Australian small batch red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, and making these more accessible to Australian wine sippers. 

One of our customer’s favourites is The Old Man Shiraz, a tribute to the Barossa’s rich heritage. The Old Man Shiraz truly represents a watershed release for Tynan’s View Premium Wines. This super premium, small-batch wine reflects the nuanced journeys each of us takes in life. It is a testament to the six generations of winemakers that tilled the soil, nurtured the ageless vines, and learned well the fruit they continue to bear.

The Tynan’s View Single Vineyard is another favourite. This Flag Ship wine is from the Tynan’s View home block; and a reserve is not released every year. In fact, we tend to achieve reserve status every three years. Customers can currently enjoy a 50% discount on our 2010 variety. 

Another best seller is our Charles Woodland Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. These easy drinking wines are always good and always ready and feature sourced grapes as well as grapes from the Tynan’s View Reserve Block in Padthaway. Small batch winemaking and artful use of new and two-year French oak for 20 months all contribute to the superior quality Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our GS Limited Release Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 is a hero wine of the Coonawarra. This wine is made to exacting demands and represents excellent drinking now and for at least 10 years.

The Tynan’s View collection has also received numerous awards both here in Australia and internationally.

Tynan’s View

4. Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customers are wine drinkers who appreciate premium quality Australian red wine. Wine drinkers whose journey with wine is a lifelong exploration of style, variety, and region.

They seek beyond ordinary and mainstream, they seek a unique wine experience not available anywhere else, that adds colour and texture to their enjoyment of life. They also enjoy the luxury of having their wine delivered direct to their door all for an accessible price point. 

Our ideal customer is also loyal. Once they have their first Tynan’s View wine experience they seek more and want to further explore the range. 

Tynan’s View
Tynan’s View

5. What are your big goals for next 12 to 24 months?

Over the next few months our goal is to grow our collection. The 2016 Old Man Shiraz stocks are reducing steadily, and Tynan’s View is preparing to bottle the 2017 Old Man Barossa Shiraz in readiness for release early 2022. Our most recent vintages of Charles Woodland Limestone Coast Shiraz and Cabernet sauvignon will also be coming online soon. 

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In addition to growing our collection, our goal is to continue delivering customers premium wines to share with family and friends matched with an online  shopping experience that is as enjoyable as their drinking experience. We are committed to delivering unique and memorable wines combined with great service, timely delivery and stand out customer service. 

6. How have you survived/innovated during COVID-19 (if applicable)? 

During COVID-19, we really have focused our energy on growing our online store and engaging with our customers online. We often communicate with our database and have invested in engaging with new audiences across social platforms. 

The team has survived in good spirits during COVID ensuring we have plenty of our own wine in stock and in the home cellar ready for a glass to finish off the daily routine. We have also reached out to our friends and neighbours, inviting them to a virtual Friday night end of week happy hour.

7. What advice do you have for other businesses who might be going through a challenging time?

Keep positive and keep focussed on what it is that motivated you to get started on your business journey in the first place.  If the vision was big enough and you are committed enough then adapting to the challenges that are thrown before you are just another step along the path to success. 

Doing nothing is also not an option, if you don’t try then how do you know you really gave your business the best opportunity to adapt and thrive. It is so satisfying when you have wins, big and small, and you can see the trend is up. 

We have also found it important to align your business with suppliers who support your business as if it’s their own – it’s encouraging and motivating. 

Tynan’s View
Tynan’s View

8. How can people connect with the brand? (website, social media channels, links to your business)

You can visit us online at and connect with us socially on Facebook and Instagram

For a quality bottle of red that bypasses the trappings of the corporate wine world, you cannot go past Tynan’s View. From their revered The Old Man Shiraz to the best-selling Charles Woodland range, Tynan’s View produces world-class reds from the premium terroir of their Padthaway base. 

To purchase Tynan’s View wines and find out more about their varieties, visit their website today. 

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