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What’s Your Flavour? The Rise Of Customised Wine

What’s Your Flavour? The Rise Of Customised Wine

Customised Wine

Gone are the days of simply selecting a bottle off the rack, and draping it in ribbon to gift to the wine lover in your life. Today, you can personalise your wine – everything from the label and the bottle, to the actual tipple itself.

This has opened up a new gifting trend in the world of wine, where you can use photos, logos, texts and engraving to create a unique wine-related gift. It’s a trend that’s taking off among wine lovers, with many relishing the opportunity to create a bottle of wine that is uniquely theirs.

Matthew Gerard from Grand Cru, one of Australia’s premium wine enjoyment providers, says that the burgeoning trend of customisation in the wine industry is most likely here to stay, thanks to the one-of-a-kind gift it fosters in a world of mass-produced, one-and-the-same goods.

“You’re getting something a little different, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love receiving something that is tailored just to them?

“That’s why wine personalisation has really taken off in my opinion – you are creating this highly personal gift for someone, and it shows that you have taken the time out to think of them and what they mean to you, and put it into a gift.”

However, customisation may not be the answer for every bottle of wine.

“No one wants to replace the label on their Penfolds Grange 1955,” Gerard laughs.

“I think wine personalisation will find its legs with your low to mid-price range wines, rather than your Granges and other expensive wines like that.”

If you’re still stuck on gift ideas for the wine lover in your life, why not explore these wine personalisation options?

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The Wine Point: You can create your custom wine label in minutes – all you have to do is choose a quality local or imported wine, select the label design and customise to your heart’s content. From birthdays and weddings to corporate gifts, there are plenty of templates available for you to create that special label for your loved one.

Wine Design: This Melbourne company has a variety of designs for you to create a wine label worth remembering. From corporate designs to miniature personalised labels for bonbonniere, there are customisation options for every situation. With quality wines from Tamburlaine and McGuigan estate, there’s plenty to like about this wine customisation service.  

Shiraz Republic: Want to make your own wine? You can give the gift of shiraz with a special handmade touch thanks to Shiraz Republic’s Rent-A-Row experience, where you are able to make your own blend of shiraz. You can either experience it for yourself before gifting on your shiraz creations, or instead present your wine loving counterparts with the opportunity to create their own case of shiraz.  

Want to find out more about enhancing your wine experience? Visit the team at Grand Cru, Australia’s leading wine enjoyment specialists, today at

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