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Five Destinations Australians Will Soon Be Able to Travel to

Five Destinations Australians Will Soon Be Able to Travel to

A recent announcement made by CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce has confirmed that the airline is planning to restart some forms of international travel prior to Christmas this year. Although there is still a degree of ambiguity surrounding the possibility of Australians being able to travel abroad, Qantas have named the five Covid safe locations which they are proposing you will be able to visit by the end of this year, meaning that it may almost be time to start getting excited, packing a bag, and planning your next dream getaway! 

  1. Singapore 

Due to its high levels of vaccination rates and Covid safety, the ‘playground of the rich’ has been listed as one of the intended holiday destinations that Australians will be able to fly to by mid-December of 2021. A modern City that is home to breathtaking high-rise architecture, fantastic cuisine and a buzzing nightlife, Singapore is a holiday destination that can be considered the ultimate in luxury and opulence, serving as a fantastic location for your very first post-lockdown getaway. 

2. United Kingdom 

Considering the vast number of Australians who have friends, family or loved ones situated in the UK, Qantas’ proposal to resume flights from Australia to London will come as a great relief and joy to many. Additionally, the United Kingdom is a destination buzzing with history and culture, making it a very popular holiday destination among Aussies. 

3. Japan 

known for its combination of fascinating traditions and history, innovation through technology, and culinary excellence, Japan is another holiday destination that will likely be made available by the end of this year. Whether it’s the electric atmosphere of a big city in Tokyo, or the intrigue of traditional arts and culture found in Kyoto, there truly is something for everybody when visiting Japan. 

4. USA and Canada 

As per Qantas’ announcement, flights from Australia to the United States and Canada are also on the horizon as a possibility by the end of this year. For both business and holiday purposes, ‘The Big Apple’ (New York) is one of the most frequented flight destinations for Australians and will undoubtedly bring much excitement and anticipation for Aussies looking to make their way over to America and Canada. 

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All things considered, it might not be long before you can begin to book and plan your next overseas adventure. The only question that must be asked now is, which destination are you going to be visiting first! 

By Trent Walsh

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