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Five Starting Timepieces for Stylish Women

Five Starting Timepieces for Stylish Women

Not only can it elevate one’s look, a wristwatch can also demonstrate responsibility towards time and management. However, it is still challenging to find a timepiece for women suitable for work or everyday activities. 

These are the top 5 simple timepieces that are elegant and simple for the smaller wrist. 

1. Cartier’s Tank 

No other watch brand can be more elegant and female-friendly than Cartier. Their Tank series has been around since 1918 and has been evolving to suit different generations. Now, the line-up has come up with four designs: Louis, Francaise, Americaine, and Solo. While it is recommended to get their original Louis, their Solo versions might be able to provide a more affordable piece. 

2. Jaeger LeCoultre’s Reverso

Known for its dual faces, Reverso provides its users with two elegant looks using the same timepieces. Not just giving you a versatile watch, Reverso can definitely provide you with some conversation pieces during networking events. 

3. Rolex’s Datejust

Probably the most well-known watch in this list, many assume Rolex as basics. However, it is also another word to say that this piece is the ultimate classic for a female nouveau watch collector. Moreover, it is probably one of the few female automatic timepieces that have stood the test of time. 

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4. Piaget’s Possession

The iconic almost-half-a-century design combines classic elegance and a touch of uniqueness. With its detachable strap, this watch can make any outfit look more put together and sharp. At the same time, its iconic single diamond movement is unique enough to make the users stand out from the crowd. 

5. Patek Philipe’s Nautilus

Another self-winding watch on this list, Nautilus, might be more well-known among the male users. However, Patek has provided a smaller version that allows the female users to enjoy its rounded dial and its elegant but sporty looks. This watch is probably the most casual watch on this list. 

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