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Help save the planet from your home in just 5 easy steps

Help save the planet from your home in just 5 easy steps

There’s no better time to save the planet than now. However, it’s no easy task. Most of us lead busy lives, and it can be difficult to try to live as sustainably as possible. I think we all know that guilty feeling, like when you forget your reusable shopping bag, but leading a sustainable life doesn’t mean you need to go plastic-free or vegan. Here are five simple ways you can save the planet from the comfort of your home!

Swap purchasing bottled water for reusable drink bottles

This may sound like a painfully obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the number of Australian households stocking up on plastic water bottles. You know those 16-packs you can get at Woolies or Coles! As convenient as they are when you’re on the go, switching to a drink bottle is an easy, affordable way to reduce plastic landfill and contribute to a better planet.

Turn off unnecessary lights

We’ve all been there: when you leave a room and forget to turn the light off. Or even leave the fridge door open too long. Not only does leaving unnecessary lights on cost you money, but it also wastes energy. So open those blinds and turn off unnecessary lights to save energy, money AND the planet!

Be wise with water

Who else loves a long shower? Jumping into the shower is one of the most relaxing parts of the day, but long showers can detriment the planet by wasting water. Not just that, but leaving the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth, or washing dishes can also add to that water wastage. We’re not saying to give up the long showers, but reducing just by a few minutes can help build a greener planet more than you may think!

Store food, fruit and veggies in reusable containers

Australians used 3.4 million tones of plastic in 2018-2019. That’s not a statistic to be proud of! One way to a change, is to store your food, fruit and veggies in reusable containers. Yes, the trusty ziplock bag or takeaway container is convenient, but is it worth the harm on the planet? And better – using reusable containers can also make your fridge and pantry look tidier and more organised!

Install double glazed windows and doors

Did you know that Australians waste $222 million on energy each year? That’s not only a huge out-of-pocket amount, but that energy wastage has huge effects on the planet. Here’s where Ecostar’s environmentally-friendly, double-glazed windows and doors come in. Made from high quality uPVC that is recyclable up to 350 times, double-glazed windows and doors greatly improve thermal performance. This means they trap warmth in winter and circulate coolness in summer, massively reducing your need to crank the heater or AC to fall blast!

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Save the planet and your pocket. Check out the fantastic Ecostar range here and get a quote today.

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