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Let’s Talk Linen

Let’s Talk Linen

We all know how much a clean set of bed sheets can improve your sleep and the atmosphere of your bedroom, but do you know how much new sheets can?

With winter stretching to a close and our latest tax returns filling our bank accounts, its out with the old and in with the new for all things linen. Its time to ditch the trusty old bedspreads and splurge on the future of your sleep and home atmosphere your bedspreads!

Find an old cupboard that you can store your previous sheets in if youre not ready to let go, then head straight on over to Bed Threads for the latest in bedding design.

Bed Threads

With the option to build-your-own bundle, Bed Threads has created the deign template to let your artistic side shine through in the bedroom. From sizes, single to super king and everything in-between theres the right bed threads out there for everyone! Be sure to check out their new olive range that they just released.

Temple and Webster

If youre looking for a bit more guidance on what to buy, then Temple and Webster is for you. With a range of pre-matched bedspreads and room ideas sorted by style theyre bound to have something for you. If you already know what you want but dont know where to start the you can insert an image of what you want and they will show you items that are similar. 

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Another great option for quality, luxury bedspreads that is located right here in the heart of Victoria is Bianca. Following a more traditional style and specialising in quilts Bianca offers a wide range of seasonal products to suit any home. Be sure to check out their other products, including; cushions and throws. 

With so many options, which colour palate do you think will suit your bedroom the most?

By Zoe Moffatt

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