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Survive Coronavirus Quarantine With Our Favourite Wine Delivery Services

Survive Coronavirus Quarantine With Our Favourite Wine Delivery Services


The world is in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in mass contagion and serious illness in virtually every corner of the globe. While the pandemic may only be a couple of months old, the effects of coronavirus are predicted to be felt for the bulk of the year. From mass self-isolation to closed shops and falling stocks, our lives as we know it are facing a significant shake up – our access to one another will be restricted, as well as our freedom of movement.  How exactly should one cope with this massive transformation of our everyday lives? We believe that drinking wine is one way. 

As quarantine measures mean you may no longer be able to pop down to your local cellar to pick up a bottle of your favourite drop, wine delivery services are set to become your new best friend over the next few months. From established chains such as Dan Murphy’s to small businesses in your local area, it is worth exploring the delivery options of these companies and more to ensure that your wine collection remains topped up during the quarantine period. If you’re after some wine delivery inspiration, here are our favourite services to get you through the coronavirus. 

The Local Drop

Six bottles of wine a month, each handpicked by your very own personal sommelier – what more could you want? The Local Drop’s service features a monthly delivery of six premium bottles of wine, each expertly handpicked for you by a sommelier who tailors their choices to your palate and any personal suggestions. 


Whether you’d like to purchase a few bottles or join one of their clubs, Vinomofo has it all when it comes to wine delivery. You can choose to stock up on your tried and tested favourites at up to 51 per cent off the RRP or sign up to one of their wine clubs to personalise a delivery plan that meets all your wine desires. 

Wine Direct

Born and bred in South Australia, this delivery service offers tremendous value on their wine packs. For $99, you can receive 12 bottles of quality white, red or mixed wine – that equates to just over $8 per bottle! Their wine club packs allow you to personalise your delivery to your needs and offer incredible flexibility that lets you control how much of what wine you want, and when you want it. 

Naked Wines

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A popular choice for many wine lovers, Naked Wines offer hard-to-beat deals on wine delivery. Their range of cases are designed to showcase a variety of different winemakers, from local wineries to international labels. Membership to their Angels club affords you access to even greater savings, providing an excellent option for true wine aficionados. 

Wine Theory

Six premium wines handpicked by a Master Sommelier, delivered straight to your door? It is hard to say no to Sebastian Crowther’s luxe subscription service, which will appeal to the fussiest of wine connoisseurs. Wine Theory offers two subscription options that are picked by Crowther, a Master Sommelier, from a range from quality Australian and international wines. Better yet, you can purchase wines for both drinking and cellaring so you can add to your future collection while enjoying the fine wines offered in the present.  

Need somewhere to store all your wine deliveries? Look no further than the range of storage solutions offered by Grand Cru, Australia’s premium wine appreciation providers. From our innovative Label View range to our wine and beverage fridge combos, we have it all when it comes to wine storage. Visit our website at to explore our extensive range. 

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