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Tasmania; Wineries and Wilderness

Tasmania; Wineries and Wilderness

Tasmania is one of Australia’s hidden treasures. It’s wine region is a creative culmination of award-winning restaurants and wineries, which present some deliciously diverse cool-climate wine varieties. With its vast wilderness and incredible landscape, Tasmanian wine country is home to some of Australia’s finest cool-climate wines and makes a spectacular wine-focused getaway. 

Tasmanian Terroir:

Tasmania has a low altitude, however it’s southern latitude makes it Australia’s leading cool-climate producing region, with a mean temperature of around 15 degrees. It’s mild climate is based in it’s maritime setting, surrounded by the Tasman Sea, the Bass Strait and the Indian Ocean. 

Tasmania’s summer days are temperate and they receive some of the coldest winter days in Australia, making their climatic conditions ideal for cultivating naturally elegant, intensely flavoured and aromatic wines. These conditions produce unique Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines.

Their vineyards are based in vastly distinct soil types, among those including ancient sandstone soils, mudstone soils and volcanic soils. 

The island is known for having some of the cleanest air on the planet, with an unspoilt natural landscape, which perfectly match their crisp wines. 

Their wine regions include the Huon Valley located 40 minutes south of Hobart, which lay on the same degree of latitude as the famous Bordeaux wine region in France, that being 43 degrees south of the Equator. 

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Expand your wine travels to Tasmania and experience their award-winning cool climate wines! 

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