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The Latest Tech Gadgets Your Home Needs

The Latest Tech Gadgets Your Home Needs

Upgrade your life with these recent innovations.

We constantly keep our devices, such as phones and laptops, updated with the latest technological advancements. But did you know that your home may need upgrading as well? From heating and cooling to entertainment to security, countless innovations are hitting the market to turn every home into a smart one. With technology more critical to our lives than ever, here are some of the latest inventions.

Doorbell Safety

Several brands, such as Ring and Nest, have launched modern doorbell technology to keep your home safe- even when you’re not there. Any activity around your door is recorded and saved to your phone, with specific notifications for visitors, deliveries, or other movements. The electronic doorbell can even serve as an intercom, so you can answer the door no matter where you are.

Smart Fridges

To eliminate the ambiguity of out-of-date produce and to streamline the process of grocery shopping, smart fridges keep track of their contents for you. Transparent doors also allow you to see what’s inside without opening the door, which saves energy and helps temperature regulation. LG and Samsung are among the current innovators of this technology.

Bluetooth Barbeque Thermometers

Nothing says current tech quite like a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, mobile-tracked thermometer to regulate your food preparation. These devices connect to an app, notifying you when your barbecued meat of choice has reached the perfect temperature. Several brands now offer this technology, with the best options being those that provide an extended connectivity distance.

Mobile Heating and Cooling

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Becoming increasingly popular in modern home designs, temperature control through apps is a technological advancement to benefit the entire home. Nest and Honeywell, amongst others, provide ingenious features that include voice control, pre-scheduled heating or cooling, and mapping your temperature preferences to curate your ideal experience. 

For comfort, ease of lifestyle, or simply enjoyment, there are technological advancements on offer for every aspect of the home. With multiple producers of each device competing on the market, you can easily compare the capabilities of each to find the very best technology out there. So, which of these latest innovations will you be trying first?

By Adele Szaters

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