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What Are Orange Wines?

What Are Orange Wines?

Orange wines may seem mysterious, but the truth is that orange wines are simply white wines that are made using an ancient method of winemaking. 

Orange wine gets its colour from the extended contact of grape skins with their must during fermentation. This process gives orange wines a distinctive orange-brown hue, body and complexity you won’t find in white or red wines. 

In addition to their unique appearance and flavour profile, orange wines come with some unique benefits as well. Generally kept unfiltered, orange wines have all the same antioxidants and vitamins as traditional reds and whites – just less sulfites and preservatives! 

Unlike typical white or rose wines, orange ones can have quite a punch of flavour with floral notes or even tropical fruit hints. Some people even say they taste like fermented apples! Regardless of tastes, orange wines are definitely here to stay and should be added to your list of must-try beverages. 

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Whether you’re looking to try something completely new or just expand your palette, orange wine certainly presents an interesting option.

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