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What Are ‘Pet Nat’ Wines?

What Are ‘Pet Nat’ Wines?

Pet Nat (short for petillant naturel) wines are the new “it” beverage for those in the know. This refreshingly light, sparkling wine is made according to an ancient method of winemaking that dates back hundreds of years. 

The process involves bottling a mix of freshly-pressed grape juice and fermenting wine before the fermentation has been completed; this results in semi-sparkling, naturally carbonated wine with a unique effervescence and flavour profile. 

They are made with a traditional, ancestral method of winemaking that predates Champagne. Using grapes that have just started their fermentation process, pet nat wines are bottled early with some residual sugar and yeast still in the bottle to naturally carbonate. The result is a sparkling wine unlike any other—bursting with effervescence, youth and vibrancy. From bone dry pet nats to those laced with fruit sweetness, these low-intervention bubbly beverages are taking over!

Pet Nats are typically light and slightly sweet, often with floral or herbal notes mixed in. They’re easy to drink, pair well with food and encourage socialising –all without being too intense linguistically or metabolically! 

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So what are you waiting for? Springs here, so grab yourself a pet nat and let the summer begin!

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