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Where Are The World’s Biggest Producers of Wine?

Where Are The World’s Biggest Producers of Wine?

Wine-making is an ancient art, and one that has only grown in popularity over the years. Around the world, wine-making is a thriving industry, producing some of the finest drops of alcohol known to humankind. 

But where are the wine producers of the world? 

According to recent statistics, it appears that Italy, France and Spain are wine producing powerhouses. These three countries occupy two-thirds of global wine production between them, with Italy alone boasting over 48 million hectoliters annually around one-third of global wine output! And what about the rest? 

The United States holds its own with nearly 24 million hectoliters per year taking fourth place on the leaderboard – while Australia and Argentina round out the top six producers. 

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Put together, these wine countries offer up enough booze for every person on earth each year with plenty to spare!

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