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Wine Accessory Guide: Top 5 Must Haves for Wine Lovers

Wine Accessory Guide: Top 5 Must Haves for Wine Lovers

There are many wine accessories available on the market to enhance your wine drinking experience, but you might be wondering what ones you really need to enjoy a good glass of wine? Here are our top tips to help your pour your favourite sips.

1.Wine glasses 

Krosno Avant Garde Wine Glass 460ml Set of 6

The most obvious one, but good glassware is an investment and essential to enjoying your favourite wine and changes the whole drinking experience. It can be confusing to know which style of glass is best suited to the style of wine you drink, to help with this you can read our guide to wine glasses which will help you choose the best glasses for the wine you’re sipping.

Krosno Avant Garde Wine Glass 460ml Set of 6 $69.95

2. Wine opener 

Cellar Magnum Vertical Lever Corkscrew Copper

While most Australian wines are now screw tops, it is worthwhile having a good quality wine opener around for some of the vintage wines that may have a cork.

Cellar magnum vertical lever corkscrew copper $43

3. Decanter

Avant Garde Wine Carafe 1.8L Gift Boxed image 1

The benefit of decanting is that it lets your wine breath. Wine feeds on oxygen and by decanting your wine you are allowing it the best chance to open up the flavour and for the structure to soften, leaving the wine at its best for tasting. 

Krosno avant garde wine carafe 1.8l gift boxed $100

4. Wine seal

Wine seals are handy when you haven’t finished a full bottle of wine and it isn’t a screw cap bottle. Vacuum pump style stoppers are designed to keep your wine as fresh as when you first opened it.

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Cellar Champagne Bottle Resealer

Cellar Bottle Resealer $10

5. Wine spout 

A stainless steel wine spout attaches to the mouth of the bottle and allows for a smooth and clean pour into a wine glass, and they are designed to funnel the wines aromas. They are also an inexpensive handy way to prevent any excess drops spilling from the bottle and allow a more seamless and professional wine pour. 

David Jones Georg Jensen Wine Pourer

Georg Jensen wine pourer $85

That’s it, our top 5 accessories to help enhance your wine drinking experience. Happy sipping! 

By Molly Jones

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