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Your Guide to the Best Wines Trends of 2022

Your Guide to the Best Wines Trends of 2022

2022 might just be the best year yet for winemakers and wine lovers. With the world finally opening up all around us and wineries being able to host delightful tastings again, now is the perfect time to brush up on your wine trend information. But fear not because we are here to guide you through the best wine trends 2022 has to offer!

Sustainable Winemaking

It’s no surprise that all around the world it is a pretty big deal for companies to be sustainably friendly. That’s why one of the biggest trends this year is sustainable winemaking. This trend is not only good for mother earth as it minimises waste but it’s also great for health-conscious consumers as wines that are sustainably made and certified as organic do not have chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers present in their bottles.

Alternative Packaging

In addition to sustainable winemaking, alternative packaging is expected to make a stand in 2022. Non-glass formats such as cans and bag-in-box have already taken some parts of Australia, US, and Brazil by storm. Many consumers are well in support of this movement as they enjoy reducing their environmental footprint. 

Ecommerce & Digital Engagement

If we learnt anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, then it was that businesses need to embrace technology. That’s why this year many wine brands are turning to ecommerce and expanding their online collections. Additionally, many brands are joining alcohol delivery apps to make it easier for consumers to access their brand.

Unique Grape Mixtures

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It is expected that in 2022 more individuals will be exploring and expanding their taste palates onto lesser-known grape mixtures. These unique tasting grapes could include Petit Manseng from south-west France or Falanghina and Greco from Italy. 

Girl-Power within the Industry

There has been a significant increase globally in female winemakers and it is only fair to expect them to continue taking the industry by storm, especially in 2022. Some of the top female winemakers are Veronique Drouhin of Maison Joseph Drouhin in Burgundy, Laura Catena of Bodega Catena Zapata in Argentina, and Marina Cvetic of Masciarelli Winery in Abruzzo.

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