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4 of Tony Robbins’ Top Tips To Help You Succeed in Life, Love and Business

4 of Tony Robbins’ Top Tips To Help You Succeed in Life, Love and Business

Tony Robbins

The guru’s advice will help you navigate your everyday and keep you on track.

Whether it’s love, business or self – Tony Robbins has some sage advice that will help you improve how you live and operate. If you’re looking to strengthen your beliefs about what you can achieve, look no further than these four tips:

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  1. Surround yourself with the best of the best
    Robbins says that it was keeping close proximity to those whose success he wanted to mirror that played a large part in making him so successful. While he warns that you may not make immediate dividends from maintaining good relationships with the best in business, the practice eventually made him more money in one day than he could’ve in a lifetime without such relationships.

  2. Start your day with a chilly challenge
    For Robbins, waking up involves plunging himself into a freezing cold body of water – and he couldn’t speak highly enough of it. He paints the habit as a challenge both physically and mentally, and it’s something that you can easily recreate by taking a cold shower.

  3. Adopt the ‘jackpot’ approach within your relationships
    No matter what place you’re at in your relationship, Robbins recommends taking on this reinforcement-focused approach to help reinvigorate, or maintain, an emotional connection with your significant other. This method focuses on how to respond with compassion, at all times, in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

  4. Raise your standards
    A piece of advice that encompasses all aspects of life, Robbins states that we must raise our standards for who we are and what we can achieve. He recommends having a good think about when and how we define ourselves, in order to turn our ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts.’

There you have it – make it your goal today to work on implementing one of these strategies in your daily life, and enjoy reaping its rewards.

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