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5 Sustainable Luxury Brands That Are Worth The Splurge

5 Sustainable Luxury Brands That Are Worth The Splurge

In our current environment, nothing is more important than making the conscious effort to shop sustainably. These 5 brands prove that you can look stylish and care for the earth at the same time.

1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is no stranger to the environmentally friendly movement. The label is famous for its ethically made clothing, accessories and shoes that are all cruelty-free! All greenhouse gas emissions that are made during manufacturing are reported so that a science-based target can be implemented to reduce them.

2. Gucci

One of the more popular fashion houses, Gucci is known for its mix of modern and contemporary designs with Italian inspiration. But did you know that Gucci has made a commitment to ensuring that theyll reduce its environmental footprint as well as choosing responsible and well-managed supply sources.

3. Vivienne Westwood

Westwood has expressed that the fashion industry needs to make change in terms of environmental issues as well as spending behaviours. Alluding to the long-term consequences that fast fashion has on our eco system. Westwood has been committing to eco-friendly fashion for a long time, this includes her collaboration fair trade apparel company People Tree, whos collection was made from 100% organic materials.

4. Rag & Bone

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In 2017, Rag & Bone created The Denim Recycling Project, which was in partnership with Cotton Incs Blue Jeans Go Green. The program saw customers bringing on old jeans to Rag & Bone stores where they would be recycled and in exchange, customers would receive 20% discount on the Rag & Bone jeans. The denim would be turned into insulations for homes and other buildings across America.

5. Patagonia

Whilst Patagonia is more of an outdoor and camping brand, their dedication to being green is something all brands should follow. They use recycled and fair-trade materials for their clothing and accessories and also use ethical practices to manufacture their products.

These 5 brands are only a few of the many labels that are dedicating themselves to reducing their carbon footprint and implementing more ethical practices into their manufacturing. What are some brands that you hope will take the same route?

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