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A Guide to Glasses: Choosing the Right Style for Your Wine

A Guide to Glasses: Choosing the Right Style for Your Wine

Whether you’re entertaining a group of people or enjoying a quite glass of wine at home, your wine drinking experience is incomplete without a quality set of wine glasses.

They come in so many different sizes, shapes and styles and to help you choose the best glasses for the style of wine you’re drinking, we have put together a guide to optimize your experience. 

Red Wine Glasses 

Red wine is generally best poured into a larger bowled wine glass. The larger the bowl of the glass, the more oxygen the wine receives, which releases the flavours and softens the wines’ structure. 

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White Wine Glasses

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When choosing a white wine glass, opting for a glass with a long stem and a good-sized bowl will allow ample space for white wine to breath and enhance the flavours. It is important to always hold a white wine glass by its stem to avoid the bowl of the glass being heated by the warmth of your hands, which can affect the taste of the wine. 

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Sparkling Wine Glasses 

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When it comes to sparkling, there are two different types of wine glasses to help enhance the wine. If you’re sipping a sparkling wine with more complexity in its structure, a tulip shaped glass gives you bubbles and allows more oxygen to hit the sparkling to really open up its aromas and pallet. The other option is the flute shape glass which allows the sparkling’s bubble to gather down the bottom of the glass and then make their way to the top, this captures the pallet and aromas of the wine while also allowing for a display of pretty delicate like sparkles of bubbles in your glass.

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Stemless glasses 

O Series Wine Tumbler Riesling image 1

Stemless wine glasses are a great all-rounder, stylish and versatile for all occasions. The timeless shape of them means they can also be used for cocktails and spirits too.

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