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Can Indoor Houseplants Boost Productivity?

Can Indoor Houseplants Boost Productivity?

Indoor plants have a myriad of benefits; not only do they enhance the appearance of a room, but they have several health benefits. Studies have shown indoor plants have the incredible ability to boost our mood, our productivity, creativity, concentration, as well as reduce stress and fatigue. 

Studies have found that we spend around 90% of time indoors especially due to the recent pandemic. This is why the benefits of indoor plants are so important! Indoor plants allow us a brief exposure to nature, meaning that our brains enable a subconscious, calming effect when around them.

So not only are plants stress-relieving, but indoor plants in work spaces have been found to increase the productivity and performance of those working in offices. One study even found that office workers with plants on their desks saw a 15% increase in productivity. Indoor plants are also relatively easy to care for, making them a low-maintenance way to improve your work space. 

Plants also have the ability to cleanse the air of indoor spaces by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. This is done through photosynthesis, as well as evapotranspiration, which allows plants to increase humidity in our homes.

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If you’re looking for a simple way to boost your productivity, reduce stress and increase air quality, consider adding some indoor plants to your office or workspace!

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