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Create Your Mantra

Create Your Mantra

If you are looking to improve your mindfulness this winter, follow these steps to create your own mindful mantra. 

As winter nears its final month, it is the perfect time to create your very own mantra and let it guide you through the remainder of the year. 

What is it?

Originating from the classical Indian language Sanskrit, ‘mantra’ translates to mean ‘mind’ and ‘release’. This release can be; a word; a phrase or syllable and is used to help release your mind and increase your concentration. A mantra can be used while meditating or during everyday life to help build awareness and focus. 

Why is it important?

Creating a mantra can provide a range of long-lasting benefits while assisting you to grow your mind-body connection. A mantra can help you to bring peace into your mind and body through increasing relaxation, and decreasing stress. Repeating your personalised mantra can increase your concentration while also boosting your mood and attention. Through repeating and focusing on a positive phrase it aims to reduce any anxious and depressive symptoms and feelings. 

How to create one?

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One of the beautiful things about creating your very own mantra is that there is no right or wrong way. To create a mantra requires you to stop and take a moment to mindfully reflect on your life, the achievements you have made and what emotions arise from this. From this reflection, you can pull out any key words, phrases or syllables that arise often and piece it together to create your very own mantra. You can use this mantra whenever you like, as often as you like, out loud or silently. 

Through building your mind-body connection how do you think it will improve the remainder of your year? 

By Zoe Moffatt

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