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Discover Glamour with Decanters

Discover Glamour with Decanters

When looking to optimise the flavour and aroma of wine, many experts choose the process of decanting to achieve this effect. This practice is performed by transferring the liquid into a much larger glass vessel, often only filling it halfway. But what does this technique achieve?

Decanting is designed to aerate the wine, enhancing the taste and scent significantly. As the glass is much larger than the bottle the wine is purchased in, more air enters the liquid, allowing the wine to ‘breathe’ and amplify the flavour profile. Moreover, this transfer ensures sediment found within the bottle is separated, so the wine’s texture is smoother and more consistent. Wine decanters are relatively lightweight in composition and feature a long ‘neck’, allowing glasses to be poured with ease.

While decanters are most commonly associated with wine, they have also been designed to hold liquor, such as whiskey, vodka, and tequila. Each beverage’s decanter has a unique design intended to accompany its traits. For example, whiskey decanters are more petite, heavier, and more airtight, as the drink does not require additional oxygen and is intended to be poured in lesser portions than wine. The glass of vodka decanters is noticeably thick to support the liquor being chilled before serving. 

Another benefit of featuring decanters in your liquor cabinet is the decorative designs. Most are engraved with delicate artistry, and the glassware is finely cut to provide unique shapes and designs. The transparent body of the glass also showcases the liquid’s colour and tone, but for clear beverages such as tequila and gin, tinted glass is also available. Wine decanters, in particular, have a vast array of shapes, often featuring complex twists and curves, so you and your guests can enjoy watching the wine cascade through.

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Decanters are a glamourous and invaluable means of adding sophistication to your home decor whilst also enhancing your wine and liquor. Look for the glass and crystal-ware explicitly designed for your drink of choice for the best experience.

By Adele Szaters

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