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Energise With Spring Yoga and Meditation

Energise With Spring Yoga and Meditation

Open up your heart this springtime with energetic and refreshing yoga sequences that will help to release stored heaviness from colder months.

Read on to learn how to best prepare your body, mind and spirit for the warmer weather and be intentional with your actions as spring leaps into action.

Start early

Exercise is best done early in the morning, especially when the weather warms up in spring. The early hours allow the body to connect to the spirit on a deeper level, and helps awaken the body up for the day ahead. Practising between 6am and 10am is both practical and beneficial, and can still give you time to get ready for day ahead.

Dont push yourself

Spring yoga can lend itself to a bit more fun and energy. Styles like vinyasa flow are great for spring as they increase body heat and focus on movement and transition, as well as holds. Be careful not to overdo it though. It is recommended to work at about 60-70% of your exercise capacity, and don’t forget a period of savasana to calm and reset the body. Yoga is all about balance, so pushing yourself too hard can easily tip the scales and create injury and disharmony withing your body.

Set intentions

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This time of year, is perfect for setting intentions for one’s self. Winter is often seen as thoughtful, more internally focused and slower-paced, and now you can focus on what you want to make of the rest of your year. As the weather heats up, think about what is important to you and get motivated to make change for yourself during this time of rebirth and renewal. Think about these intentions as you move through your yoga sequences, to focus more purposefully on your goals.

Set yourself up for a strong, refreshing and heart-opening spring, full of early, energising yoga and intention setting.

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