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Facts About Wine That’ll Make You an Expert

Facts About Wine That’ll Make You an Expert

Need small talk ideas for a dinner party? Or curious about what goes into the wine making process. Lux Wine Life has the essential wine facts that’ll make you a master at wine culture and will help you understand the nuances of the drink during your next winery tour.

  1. The History of wine can be dated back to Armenia in 4100 BCE.
  2. Dessert wines usually have a higher sugar content, to make the perfect drink to serve with delectable sweet treats.
  3. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the yeast that is used for wine fermentation. This is also called ‘brewer’s yeast’.
  4. Only Wines made in France’s Champagne region can be called champagnes. Any wine made outside of this region is simply Sparkling White Wine.
  5. There are approximately 1.300 varieties of grapes that are used when making wine.
  6. Red wine has health benefits that come from a pigment that is called tannin. This compound is often associated with reducing cholesterol levels in blood vessels, which is good for the heart! Most wines are also fat and cholesterol free.
  7. There are more complex organic compounds in wine than there is in our blood.
  8. The phenomenon of ‘toasting’ started in Ancient Rome. The romans would put a piece of toasted bread so that it would absorb unsavoury flavours.
  9. Wine tasters swirl their wine in their glass to release the beautiful aromas and notes of the wine. Which is also why tasters only fill their glass a third full so that the wine doesn’t spill when they swirl it.
  10. The four elements of tasting wine that you should look for are acidity, sweetness, tannins and alcohol content.

Intrigued? These facts are sure to change the way you drink wine. Whether it be by yourself or with others. These facts make wonderful conversation starters, so take your newfound wine knowledge for a swirl.

By Ilona Abdouka

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