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Fly High With Richard Branson

Fly High With Richard Branson

Richard Branson

The founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson has always been one to push boundaries and break traditions. From leaving school at 15 to now being worth an estimated $5.2 billion USD dollars.

In an opportunity to build the Virgin brand, he has developed a knack for seizing opportunities. Over time his personal brand has become intertwined with Virgin’s brand.

Don’t Look Down provides a fascinating look into Richard Branson – his mind and his endeavours. The documentary follows Branson’s creation of the world’s largest hot air balloon to travel over the Atlantic. Also giving an insight into his upbringing, what makes his confidence and success, and his willingness to embrace risk. This was specifically to help publicize the launch and growth of Virgin Air.

‘I found myself in the biggest air balloon ever built, all alone’

How does Richard Branson exude confidence?

Why does he take risks?

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