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Here’s A Piece Of Advice From Oprah

Here’s A Piece Of Advice From Oprah


On a quest to always improve herself and others, Oprah constantly remains as powerful and influential as ever.

Throughout her journey, Oprah shares what she has learnt, her success and failures and how to maintain hope and happiness throughout it all. Despite not being on TV daily, she still is a light for millions of people. When they are feeling lost or wanting some guidance, she is a figure many turn to due to her relatability and accessibility.

Are you struggling? Need some guidance? Over her many years, here are 8 great pieces of advice from Oprah to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

  1. Do your best, always
  2. We can have it all, just not at the same time
  3. Believe when people show you who they are
  4. Find what fits
  5. Every day won’t be a good day, and that’s OK
  6. Follow your intuition
  7. Practice gratitude
  8. Don’t fear failure
  9. If you don’t learn from a mistake, it is a waste
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