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Inside Bill’s Brain… Decoding Success

Inside Bill’s Brain… Decoding Success

Bill Gates

What’s your favourite animal? Dog.

What’s your favourite food? Hamburger.

What do you eat for breakfast? Nothing.

Inside the Netflix special, understand the life story of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Each of the three episodes focuses on one of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s initiatives: improving sewage conditions in developing countries, eradicating polio and developing a cleaner, safer form of nuclear power.

The aim of the documentary, as per the title is to understand Bill Gates’ thought processes. His brain isn’t linear, with multiple projects on the go – his brain is often cluttered and chaotic.


Here are Bill Gates’ top 10 rules for success:

  1. Have energy
  2. Have a bad influence
  3. Work Hard
  4. Create the future
  5. Enjoy what you do
  6. Play Bridge
  7. Ask for advice
  8. Pick good people
  9. Don’t procrastinate
  10. Have a sense of humour
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