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Is Luxury Just a State Of Mind?

Is Luxury Just a State Of Mind?

What is the real meaning of luxury? Typically, the term ‘luxurious’ is associated with an expensive or quality item. But does this terminology have a deeper meaning?

An alternate view to the typical perception of ‘luxury’ is where the meaning is entirely dependant on what an individual values. This type of luxury could be as simple as treating yourself to a barista-made latte from the local café. 

Others may consider luxury to mean spending quality time with family and friends and being able to have the luxury of their health. Luxury can also be defined in terms of an individuals overall wellbeing. Our mind, body and soul are precious. It is important that we work to maintain a positive headspace and make the effort to properly look after ourselves. Both of these definitions are evidently much more heartfelt than a designer handbag and clearly hold much more value comparatively. 

Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to an expensive and quality handbag. A purchase however is simply not as much of a luxury as it is sometimes made out to be. We can often get so caught up in designer labels and price tags that we sometimes forget to reflect on our good fortunes. 

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No matter which way you look at it, luxury is great. We all love to have the newest iPhone and we all love spending as much time as possible with our family and friends. Give your loved one a hug and maybe even something shiny.  

By Ashton Parker

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