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Things to do at Hunter Valley (Aside from Drinking Wine)

Things to do at Hunter Valley (Aside from Drinking Wine)

Hunter Valley is probably one of the most renowned wine regions in Australia. Located right next to Newcastle, the region is mainly known for its Shiraz and Semillon. However, Hunter Valley is more than just local family-owned wineries. In fact, several activities can be enjoyed in the new south wales region. 

1. Helicopter ride

Locally owned and operated, there are a number of helicopter rentals that can be found at the heart of the Hunter Valley, Cessnock. The ride can be taken for just a short 15 minutes where the riders can oversee the wineries across the region or be used for tours and special occasions. Some rentals even provide a picnic package to fly you to a specific winery and set you up with a warm-feeling picnic. 

2. Hot air balloon ride

As there are not many high rise buildings in Hunter Valley, it is quite easy to set up an aerial ride for commercial purposes. Unlike a helicopter ride, a hot air balloon could give more romantic and in the moment feelings. Usually, it starts flying at sunrise, and the ride will end with a simple but elegant breakfast. 

3. Fine dining experience

The right wine always finds its own partner. With the number of wines, both at affordable and high-end price points, it is inevitable that the locals start to pair them with the right food. Many restaurants in Hunter Valley provide fine dining sets that pair each dish with a different wine. 

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4. Spa 

Hunter Valley is crowded with luxurious spas, from the outdoor jacuzzi, hydro lounge, and simple oil massage. These spas can be found within the hotels or stand-alone providers. After spending a whole day with tasteful wine, having a restful treatment must the right way to end the day!

By Verina Gading

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