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The Girls Trip to Daylesford That Everyone Needs

The Girls Trip to Daylesford That Everyone Needs

Do you feel like you need a quick getaway with a handful of your closest friends? Daylesford is your one stop luxury destination!

If you feel like you need a getaway after Victoria’s fifth lockdown, then Daylesford is the place for you. Located only an hour and half drive outside of Melbourne, this small country town boasts luxury accommodation and food while maintaining its warm and friendly character. 


Situated right next to Lake Daylesford, the Lake House contains 33 rooms and suites with immaculate views of the lake. Accompanied by indulgent Australian cuisine and an award-winning cellar, the Lake House is the perfect accommodation for any trip. 

If you are traveling with a tighter budget or looking for a more relaxed accommodation option, then Mount Olive is for you. Surrounded by an abundance of greenery, the open fireplace creates a warm and comforting environment for all guests, the perfect place for a glass of your favourite bubbly.    

Food and drink

From humble beginnings in 2003, Daylesford Cider is located less than a 10-minute drive from the center of town and is open seven days a week. With food available on weekdays, Daylesford Cider is the perfect destination to expanding your taste buds and cider knowledge. Make sure to get a glass of the Watermelon Fizz, you won’t regret it!

If you are looking for wholesome, old school meal in the heart of Daylesford then look no further than the Farmers Arms Hotel Daylesford. Being the oldest pub in Daylesford, the Farmers Arms is open for both lunch and dinner and is an iconic destination in this Victorian town. 

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To do and see

While in Daylesford it is important to sit back and enjoy the time away and the company of whoever you are with. However, if you are looking to get out and about then be sure to check out Daylesford local shops located in the center of town for beautiful, Australian products. The Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens also provides a quick escape to classic Australian nature without having to drive hours away!

The question remains, when are you going to book your trip? 

By Zoe Moffatt

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