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The Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

The Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

It looks like 2022 will be the year of earthy tones and textures throughout the home! Our homes are headed back to nature with organic shapes and surfaces and warm tones.

If anything the last two years confined to lockdowns has taught us, it’s the importance of an enjoyable interior space!

Here are some of the top reported interior design trends of 2022.


Forget shades of black and white, brown is back! Think the return of the 70s – warm browns, orange shades and red shades across the home. Very retro! Expect to see a lot of monochromatic rooms covered in browns from caramels to terracotta colours. 

Curved Furniture. 

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In line with organic and natural shapes, interior design trends have ditched harsh edges and sharp corners. Instead embracing curved, soft angles and edges! With the return of natural materials like terracotta, curved and organic shapes are bringing a natural, ambient feel back to interior spaces!


Gone are the days of all-white rooms and kitchens! 2022 is the year to embrace warm, natural colours and organic shapes! 

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