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The US’s Most Expensive House Ever Has Brought A Whole New Meaning To Luxury Property

The US’s Most Expensive House Ever Has Brought A Whole New Meaning To Luxury Property

'The One' (Image Source: The Society Group)

The upmost level of opulence is on display in this L.A. mansion.

The priciest house in the U.S.’s history is set to hit the market, and it is truly a marvel of architecture and luxury. The promotional video for the property defies belief, and appears as if it’s been plucked frame-by-frame from a dream.

Perched atop Bel-Air and boasting what may be the best view in all of Los Angeles, the home is appropriately titled ‘The One.’

Just weeks ago, Jeff Bezos set the Californian real estate record when he splashed $245.6 million on a mansion in Beverly Hills. Appropriately given its market price, this mega-mansion is equivalent to three times the size of Bezos’ new pad, spanning 1.6 hectares.

Alongside the 18 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, its buyer will be able to relax in the prime surrounds of their not-at-all humble abode in one of its four expansive swimming pools, or curl up and read a book in its library, which features floor to ceiling glass windows and bookcases stretching across any remaining wall space.

If you’re looking to entertain, you’d have no shortage of options in ‘The One,’ which features a venue for every occasion – a full-sized movie theatre, a bowling alley and a nightclub all add to the mansion’s price tag.

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If you’re an automobile enthusiast, you’ll also find plenty of room to park your cars in the 20-space garage.

The propety’s developer Nile Niami first announced its creation to media in 2015, but experienced considerable delays of the construction and financial sort during the build. Yet, he never wavered from the initial US $500 million price he placed on his signature development.

The date on which the mansion will actually be listed is yet to be announced, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for its purchase.

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