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Top 5 Wine Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Top 5 Wine Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Do you stick to the same old Sav Blanc or Pinot Grigio for every occasion? It might be time for you to start gaining inspiration from ‘wine-agram.’ Add something new to your must drink list and treat your guests to a unique new wine you can pretend to know all about.


Mary is a self-proclaimed travel addict and her love of exploring food and wine is brought to you through her simple communication. Her love of wine has taken her to vineyards across the globe, which you will see in the beautiful photos shared on her Instagram. Giving you the best wine recommendations through fun stories from exotic places, @perthwinegirl is a must follow. 


Wine-Searcher is a database that brings together wines from merchants around the world. This informative Instagram account is monitored daily and brings you the freshest wine news from around the world. Posting reviews, recommendations and wine-related news, this account is sure to get those dinner table conversations started. 


Helping audiences navigate the world of wine with confidence, Wine Folly is the number one account for learning about wine. Posting tips and tricks on serving wine, wine accessories and beautiful wine paring recommendations. Learn about wine at a level you never thought you could and equip yourself with the knowledge to drink only the best. 


Making her way through 800 wine farms in South Africa, Leanne started the challenge in 2016 and has visited 146 vineyards to date. Her blog not only is focused on the wonderful wine she tastes, but the surrounding lifestyle of wine life in South Africa and its spectacular scenery. Follow her adventure and get a taste of wine life overseas. 

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These two major wine lovers, Conrad and Drew are hilarious Australian’s who spend time travelling the wine world. According to Urban Dictionary, a wine wanker is “somebody who drinks wine pretentiously in the company of others to show off their knowledge and try to make other people feel inferior.” Their name is full of irony as they make wine accessible by taking out the pretentious language and giving top reviews of wines from around the world. 

If your wine knowledge needs an upgrade, find inspiration on these pages and impress your next dinner party guests. 

By Annabel Thomas

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