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How to Serve the Perfect Christmas Lunch This Year

How to Serve the Perfect Christmas Lunch This Year

No matter what your holiday traditions are, there’s no denying that food plays a big role in Christmas. And if you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas in Australia, you’ll have access to some of the best and freshest summer produce to work with! 

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends. There’s no need to heat up the kitchen, and the abundance of summer produce means that you can create a variety of dishes with little effort. Here are some tips for creating a luxurious summer lunch that your guests will love.

Start with fresh, high-quality ingredients – this is especially important if you’re making seafood dishes as Australian seafood is second-to-none. Make sure to pick up your seafood from a reputable supplier, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about where it’s come from and how it’s been handled.

There’s no need to overcomplicate things – simply let the fresh summer fruits and vegetables speak for themselves. Choose a variety of colours and textures to create a visually stunning display, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your presentations. For example, try grilling fruits and vegetables for a smoky flavour, or using edible flowers to decorate your plates.

Second, add some protein to your menu. While summer produce is delicious on its own, your guests will probably appreciate having something heartier to eat as well. Grilled chicken or fish are always popular options, but you could also try serving cold meats or tofu skewers.

Third, don’t forget the sides. A summer lunch wouldn’t be complete without some refreshing sides. Try making a simple salad using seasonal ingredients, or roasting some vegetables for a warm dish. And of course, no summer meal would be complete without some bread – choose a light option like ciabatta or sourdough, and serve it with butter or olive oil for dipping.

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Fourth, choose the right drinks. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy lighter beverages like white wine or sparkling water. If you’re serving alcoholic drinks, make sure to offer plenty of non-alcoholic options as well – you don’t want your guests getting too sun-drunk!

Finally, don’t forget the dessert. After all, what’s a luxurious lunch without something sweet to finish things off? Seasonal fruit pies or tarts are always a hit, but you could also try making a light summer pudding or serving some ice cream topped with fresh berries. Let your imagination run wild – after all, it’s summertime!

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