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Mindset & Motivation – Curl Up With These 5 Business Books This Winter

Mindset & Motivation – Curl Up With These 5 Business Books This Winter

Many business books are filled with useful information that can help entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses. Whether it’s a how-to guide on starting a business, a book on business management or on marketing, business books can provide plenty of valuable insights and inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind. They allow readers to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. They can also offer practical advice on everything from financial management to employee relations and be an effective way to network and connect with other like-minded go-getters. Here are some of our favorite picks to kick off the financial year.

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

“The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries provides an overview of the lean startup methodology and how it can be used to create successful businesses. The book delves into the five principles of the lean startup, and how anyone can accomplish startup success by following its methodology.

Beyond the Boys’ Club – Suzanne Doyle-Morris

“Beyond the Boys’ Club” will show you how to develop your career strategy, break through the glass ceiling and completely raise your game. This book contains eye-opening insights and ideas from women who have succeeded at companies such as Microsoft, Barclays and the University of Cambridge. The book is written specifically for professional women to enable strategic advancement in their career, whether they’re just starting out or looking at different angles of their current position.

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber

A classic business read, “The E-Myth Revisited” dispels myths about starting your own business. With years of experience as a small business consultant, Michael E. Gerber explains how common stumbling blocks like expectations, assumptions and technical expertise can prevent you from running the business of your dreams. Gerber’s book is an informative and insightful guide on how to be successful in entrepreneurship. He makes the important distinction between working on your business versus actually working in it.

How To Be An Overnight Success – Maria Hatzistefanis

Maria Hatzistefanis, the founder of Rodial, one of the most successful skincare ranges in recent times, shares her secrets on how to start your own business and become a better version yourself. This accessible book will show that success is produced from tireless effort, a lot of patience and most importantly, hard work. Hatzistefanis believes that anyone can achieve their goals, and her book full of practical advice, can show you how.

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Dear Female Founder – Lu Li

Compiled by entrepreneur Lu Li, this book comprises 66 inspiring letters of advice from women who have made at least $1 billion in revenue. An incredibly honest and uplifting resource for women from all walks of life, this book will inspire any who read it to achieve their business dreams. A mixture of practical insights, encouragement and wisdom, the rich advice found in “Dear Female Founder” will stand you in good stead and undoubtedly inspire you.

Dig into these inspiring, compelling and informative books to get your business brain boosted!

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